Set the Scene

Beauty comes with a price tag – many times, it’s a very big one. And sometimes that price is not paid with money, but in dignity.

We all fall victim at one time or another to the merchandise wizards that tempt us at every checkout lane and register with gum, candy, magazines, batteries, electronic vegetable peeler – you name it. If it’s in a tiny package and placed at eye level right next to me, I need it. Beauty items are no different. In fact, beauty items are worse. They’re worse because I’m addicted to them. I crave them. I need them ALL.

Well, the product placement geniuses at Sephora really got me this time: GlamGlow mud masks in a trial size! With a smaller price tag! As if to say, “We know the $69 full size GlamGlow products are too expensive for you and you can’t justify spending that on a facial cleanser, so why not try this tiny jar that is only a third of the price?” I hear you loud and clear, Sephora, and I raise you a Beauty Blender, a NARS eyeshadow, and a Bobbi Brown concealer. As if all these products in my shopping cart weren’t enough, I caved. I panicked. I spent approximately 4 seconds on an internal debate between whether or not I needed to exfoliate my skin with this mask. Then, before I knew it, my time was up. The cashier in all her red-lipped authority, like her full intention was to interrupt the dialogue with myself and throw off my concentration, announced, “Next in line.”

Without even thinking, I had placed the mud mask on the counter with the rest of my overpriced purchases and continued on with my life. Retail cashiers have entirely too much power.

On to the review

There are two critical components I always look for when choosing a facial mask or cleanser: it must be moisturizing and it must have a great smell! The Youth-Mud Tinglexfoliate Treatment from GlamGlow met one of my requirements.

GlamGlow’s reputation stems from its exclusive use in Hollywood and the unique ingredients they incorporate into their products. The Youth-Mud Tinglexfoliate Treatment contains French Sea Clay, Volcanic Pumice Rock, and Green Tea Leaf pieces. It’s also free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. All good things. The manufacturing gets an A+.

Another A+ goes to the smell. The GlamGlow smell makers did a great job. I love everything about the fragrance. It is a tad strong, but not in an overpowering way. It smells like clay and perfume

The mask claims to provide a “tingling” effect, which I am a big fan of! However, when I applied the mask, I felt more of a slight burning sensation than a tingle. My skin is very sensitive, but GlamGlow claims this mask is good for all skin types. It didn’t last very long, and eventually felt like a normal mask. It wasn’t painful or uncomfortable necessarily, just surprising.

After waiting the suggested 10 minutes, the mask had dried completely and felt like very rough, hard scabs (I know, that’s not very pretty) on my face. I had to fight the urge to pick off the chunks! To remove the mask, I used warm water and massaged the leftover bits on to my skin, triggering the exfoliating step. Worked nicely, rinsed off easily, all went well. But then my biggest pet peeve bit me right on the face. My skin was tight and dry. Noooo!

GlamGlow claims to remove toxins but leave essential skin oils. Well, they sucked all mine right out. Greedy bastards!

My skin LOOKED nice. It seemed brighter and smoother. But my priority is how it FEELS. And I did not love it. After I applied toner and moisturizer, it was fine. It looked great and felt youthful and moisturized.

So, would I recommend this mask? Yes and no. Not to someone with sensitive and/or really dry skin. It smells amazing and feels like a high quality mask. I can’t comment on how it works for other skin types.

Worth the price? I think there are more affordable options.

Is it a miracle in a jar? I don’t think so. Not for me.

Will I purchase again? No, but I will try other products from this brand.

Have you used the Youth-Mud Tinglexfoliate Treatment from GlamGlow?