The Celts Would Be So Disappointed

Sitting down to write this blog forces me to channel my grad school days in the women’s studies department. Perhaps I fit in more than I believed. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love the atmosphere, dressing up, scary movies, all of it! Although I prefer the creepiness of the holiday, lately I’ve noticed the celebrations are scary in a very different way.

It seems as though the imagination put into the costumes has atrophied. Women especially are choosing costumes that not only have nothing to do with the holiday, but force the progress of the women’s movement to come to a screeching halt, turn around and run the other way!

The origin of Halloween is associated with Irish myths and Celtic festivals. The history of the holiday has absolutely nothing to do with sex. However, we have reconstructed the holiday to accommodate our addiction to sex. Don’t get me wrong, I like to feel sexy, pretty, etc. Of course it makes me feel good when someone is attracted to me and all that fluffy stuff that is wired into my female brain! But, I in no way feel the desire to sexualize inanimate objects, insects, food, and God knows what else to make a statement.

Here are a few of my personal issues:

I may be the only one, but I’ve never been sitting outside, enjoying the sunshine only to be distracted by an insanely sexy bumble bee. Never in my life have I associated a bumble bee with arousal, attraction or sex. The Halloween conglomerates have somehow belittled and questioned our intelligence by sexualizing things that attach a social stigma if taken seriously. Think about it, how accepting would you be of someone who had a physical attraction to butterflies? Perhaps someone who was sexually involved with an insect?

The Sexy Stinger Costume

Don’t misunderstand, I know how the world works. I am aware of the obsession with sex, physical perfection and beauty. Outfitting someone’s body to look or feel sexy is not the focus here. Sexualizing objects that require a certain level of concern is my focus. The message it sends is alarming. Even more alarming is WHY NO ONE IS QUESTIONING THIS!

We have accepted sexualized butterflies and bumble bees because the so-called “creative groups” of the costume industry ran out of interesting and intelligent ideas to market. In other words, the demographic on their charts will eat up just about anything if the first word is sexy.

My next rant comes from sexualizing young girls. The sexy school girl costume is extremely popular. In my opinion, it’s an unfair slap-on-the-wrist for men. Women, who are obviously not of school age, dress up as children to attract men and feel sexy. However, when a man sexualizes an actual school girl, he’s ostracized, put on a sex offender list, made a public example of a “sick” and “disgusting” person. I’m sure it goes without saying that I’m not advocating men sexualizing young girls. But, if society constantly puts these attractive images into male minds and tantalizes them on a sexual level, how is it fair to outcast them for responding to the temptations? Men are baited constantly by images of “forbidden” sex and then once they’re hooked, they’re stigma’d for life. The blame should be evenly distributed.

Sexy School Girl Costume


Many people have told me to “lighten up”, to just “have fun with Halloween” and so on. Perhaps I think too much about it. Although in my opinion, thinking is the one thing people are not doing enough of. I always have fun, I just don’t have to morph into a sexy DVD player to do so.

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